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A Technician's Tale: Luis Coelho’s Impactful Journey with Full Circle

Wind Journeys #2 Bluma Bras, HR Assistant, Full Circle

Two years ago, Luis joined Full Circle, where he has played an instrumental role in repairing and maintaining our turbines. His journey is not just about technical skill but also about seizing opportunities for growth and making impactful contributions.

In this interview, Luis shares his remarkable career path, the exciting projects he's been part of, and how Full Circle has supported his professional evolution. From hands-on technical work to an office-based Operations Engineer role, Luis's story is one of adaptability, commitment, and continuous development. Join us as we delve into Luis's experiences, the unique culture at Full Circle, and his advice for those considering a career with us.

Could you start by telling us a bit about your background and how you came to join Full Circle?

Absolutely. I began my career with Enercon back in 2009 and worked there for nearly eight years. During my time with Enercon, I had the chance to move to the UK, but when I wasn't offered a step-up program, I decided it was time to leave. That's when Barry O’Docherty, one of the Service Managers. approached me with an opportunity to work for Full Circle as an Enercon specialist technician. I joined Full Circle in 2022, drawn by the promise of further development and career progression.

It sounds like that decision led to some exciting opportunities. Could you share some of your experiences with Full Circle that stand out to you?

One of my proudest achievements was at a wind farm we onboarded to our portfolio in South West England. Initially, only two turbines were operational. Within a month, my colleagues and I managed to get two more turbines running without any new parts. The customer was thrilled with our achievement. It was a great adventure and a significant milestone that helped us secure more contracts. Other customers noticed what we accomplished there.

How did your role evolve at Full Circle, and what motivated you to make those changes?

After some time, I felt it was time to transition from a technician role to a more office-based position, providing remote support to technicians. The management supported this decision and offered me a chance to relocate from the UK and work in the Netherlands. It was the right time and opportunity for a fresh start. Despite receiving good offers from other companies, I was committed to Full Circle. They acted swiftly when I expressed my desire to advance, offering training and support not just for me but for all colleagues in similar situations. Recently I started as Operations Engineer, whereby I can provide this long term improvements and support. I will still visit turbines in this role, just not as much as I used to do!

How has this new role been for you?

The new role is a significant change from fault-finding and maintenance. My typical day is more relaxed now, starting with a bus ride to the office, a coffee, and then diving into my tasks. Even though I'm mostly behind a desk now, I still feel deeply connected to the work. I know that at the end of the day, my contributions help keep those turbines spinning.

How does Full Circle compare to other companies you've worked for in the industry?

There's a stark difference. When I decided to leave my last job, they didn't try to retain me. At Full Circle, when I expressed my desire to progress, everyone listened and asked how they could help. They didn't just offer a new role; they molded a position that suited me perfectly. The collaboration and teamwork here are exceptional. No matter where we are—Netherlands, France, Italy, or the UK—we are Full Circle.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career with Full Circle?

My advice is simple: don't hesitate, just apply and join us! Even if you lack experience, Full Circle provides ample opportunities for growth. It's a great team to be part of, and they never deny training. If you have the desire, Full Circle will support you all the way.

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